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Toad Heaven 2005 г 208 стр ISBN 0375827641 инфо 2087i.

Book DescriptionIn the hysterically funny sequel to Toad Rage, Limpy is on a quest to find toad heaven A place where cane toads won’t be blown up with bike pumps or bashed over the head with folding chairs Lаогсъimpy’s determined to find this place if it takes him the rest of his life, but his plans are waylaid when he’s kidnapped by some sinister-looking humans and tossed into a bucket Will Limpy be able to save cane toads? Will he be able to find toad heaven? First he has tбажвгo getout of the bucket .

Disney/Pixar: 5-Minute Stories 2005 г 48 стр ISBN 0786835192 инфо 2089i.

Book DescriptionThis supersized collection features five original stories starring everyone's favorite Disney·Pixar characters Join Nemo and Dory on an outrageous adventure when that forgetful blue fish is puаогтаt in charge for the day, play a hilarious game called Sardines with the toys from Andy's room, cheer for Mike as he enters a full-on joke-off with a new monster recruit, and more! Each story can easily be read in five minutes-which makes them perfect for busy families бажвдto share together.

Защита прав потребителей в Российской Федерации Издательство: Городец, 2005 г Мягкая обложка, 256 стр ISBN 5-9584-0077-0 Тираж: 5000 экз Формат: 60x90/16 (~145х217 мм) инфо 2090i.

В настоящее время в связи с построением рыночных основ экономики всем гражданам и юридическим лицам крайне необходимо уметь использовать на практике знания, полученные в процессе изучения законодательства Россаогтвийской Федерации, регулирующего защиту прав потребителей В учебном пособии рассматривается весь спектр правового регулирования отношений в области защиты прав потребителей при продаже им товаров, выполнении работ (оказании услуг), государственной и общественной защитыбажвж прав потребителей на основании положений Закона Российской Федерации "О защите прав потребителей" от 7 февраля 1992 г № 2300-1 (в редакции Федеральных законов от 9 января 1996 г № 2-ФЗ, от 17 декабря 1999 г № 212-ФЗ, от 30 декабря 2001 г № 196-ФЗ с изменениями и дополнениями, вступившими в силу с 1 июля 2002 г) с учетом всей совокупности нормативных правовых актов, регулирующих отношения с участием потребителей, а также практики высших российских судебных инстанций в эбнбжчтой области Необходимые для более качественного применения Закона Российской Федерации "О защите прав потребителей" нормативные правовые акты и иные материалы по состоянию на 1 января 2005 г включены в Приложения Учебное пособие рассчитано на широкий круг читателей и будет полезно как практикующим юристам, специалистам государственных и муниципальных органов, научным работникам, профессорско-преподавательскому составу, студентам и аспирантам юридических и экономических вузов России, а также всем гражданам, желающим для защиты своих интересов свободно ориентироваться в правовом поле защиты прав потребителей и самостоятельно применять полученные знания на практике Автор Валентин Ткачев.

Dinosailors 2003 г 40 стр ISBN 0152046097 инфо 2093i.

Book Description The wind is high, the sea is rough, and dinosailors are dinotough! (Aren't they?) букхо Dinosailors.

The Anybodies 2004 г 288 стр ISBN 0060557354 инфо 2096i.

Book Description What if I were to TELL you that this is an all-true story, every word? You see, once there was a VERY REAL girl named Fern who found out that she'd been swapped at birth This might disturbаогтж some people, but it made Fern happy because she'd never felt at home with her tragically dull parents, the Drudgers Fern finds out about the mix-up when the Bone (er, her father) and his "son," Howard, show up at Fern's front door Now both families decide бажвзto UNSWAP the kids for the summer, and Fern heads off with the Bone on a wild adventure into a world inhabited by the Miser, a sinister fellow; and the Great Realdo, a true hero, to name just two This book promises suspense! Intrigue! Mystery! Fairies fall out of books! Birds turn intodogs! Nuns turn into lampposts! So I have no idea why you're still lingering here Start reading!.

Mummy's Mother 2003 г 160 стр ISBN 0439324629 инфо 2100i.

Book DescriptionA young mummy boy named Ramose is awakened one day by the sound of graverobbers invading his home--the pharoah's tomb They've stolen his mother (who's also a mummy) and now it's up to Ramose tаогтйo find her With the help of a cranky talkingcamel and some young American tourists, Ramose finds himself en route to NYC--home of an important museum and its famous collection of mummies Full of offbeat, witty scenes, this is a fresh and original novel with great appбажвлealJohnston's ANY SMALL GOODNESS also recently received the Judy Lopez Honor Book Award.

11,000 Years Lost 2004 г 336 стр ISBN 0810948222 инфо 2102i.

Book DescriptionWhat does it mean if you die before you were born? An eleven-year-old Texan girl finds out what it was like to live in the Ice Age in this action-packed time-travel adventure As Esther particаогтоipates in an archaeological dig in Texas, she is accidentally transported back in time Living among the Clovis, the mammoth hunters, she learns of a very different childhood in which play is practice for survival and humans are prey for megafauna-scimitar cats, giant бажвмbears, and others Will she ever get back to her own time? Peni R Griffin has delivered her greatest time-travel story yet, a thrill-a-page adventure that's also an affecting look at family and what makes a home Kids will be riveted by this richly imagined vision of prehistoric North America from a writer whose work has been called "expertly plotted" (Kirkus Reviews) and "fascinating" (Booklist) Discoveries of early American artifacts, clues to this little-knoбнбжшwn time, appear in the news frequently The detailed bibliography in this book invites young readers toread and, like Esther, make discoveries of their own AUTHOR BIO: Peni R Griffin has written many award-winning novels for middle-grade and young-adult readers The Switching Well was a finalist for the Golden Spur Award, and The Ghost Sitter was an Edgar finalist and a Golden Sower nominee She lives in San Antonio, Texas.

Thunderbirds: Thunderbirds Forever! (Festival Reader) Издательство: HarperFestival, 2004 г Мягкая обложка, 32 стр ISBN 0060586664 инфо 2104i.

Alan Tracy always feels left out While his older brothers all get to wear the Thunderbirds uniform and rescue people in need, he has to stay behind His father tries to protect him, but Alan wishes he could аогтчgo on missions like his brothers Find out how Alan proves he is ready to be a Thunderbird! Автор Кейт Эган Kate Egan.

Thunderbirds: Rescue Mission (Thunderbirds) Издательство: HarperFestival, 2004 г Мягкая обложка, 24 стр ISBN 0060586702 инфо 2105i.

Alan Tracy wants nothing more than to be a Thunderbird like his father and brothers Now the Thunderbirds' headquarters has been captured by The Hood, an evil criminal mastermind, and the rest of Alan's familаогтъy is off on a mission This might be Alan's chance to prove he has what it takes to become a Thunderbird -- if his dad will let him Join Alan and his friends as they race to save London, and the world, from The Hood Автор Кейт Эган Kate Egan.