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A Farewell To Arms Издательство: Scribner, 1995 г Мягкая обложка, 336 стр ISBN 0684801469 Язык: Английский инфо 7147i.

The best American novel to emerge from World War I, "A Farewell" to Arms is the unforgettable story of an American ambulance driver on the Italian front and his passion for a beautiful English nurseаогхз Hemingway's frank portrayal of the love between Lieutenant Henry and Catherine Barkley, caught in the inexorable sweep of war, glows with an intensity unrivaled in modern literature, while his description of the German attack on Caporetto - of lines of fired men marchбажгкing in the rain, hungry, weary, and demoralized - is one of the greatest moments in literary history A story of love and pain, of loyalty and desertion, "A Farewell to Arms", written when he was 30 years old, represents a new romanticism for Hemingway Автор Эрнест Хемингуэй Ernest Hemingway Родился в городе Оук Парк (Oak Park) штата Иллинойс В этом же городе он закончил школу River Forrest Township Другого систематического образования Хемингуэй не получал В 1917 годбнбзиу он начал работать репортером в газете "Kansas City Star" в городе .

In the Eye of the Storm (The Adventures of Young Buffalo Bill) 2003 г 144 стр ISBN 0060291168 инфо 7148i.

Book Description Things have changed dramatically for nine-year-old Bill since his father left home He is suddenly the man of the house and must help his family survive the bitter-cold winter And to top itаогхй all off, he now has to go to school! But with his new responsibilities come nightmares and worries Bill has never felt more alone Even his favorite sister, Julia, doesn't seem to understand him anymore When Pa finally returns, frail and weak, life gets even more cбажгоonfusing What is Bill's role in the family now? Can he stop the border ruffians, who have vowed to drive the Codys off their land, from returning? The exciting third book in the ongoing adventure series about young Buffalo Bill, In the Eye of the Storm sweeps readersback into the exciting and dangerous world of America's frontier past.

Phantom Stallion Box Set (Phantom Stallion) 2004 г 704 стр ISBN 0060595043 инфо 7152i.

Book Description The first three books in the Phantom Stallion series are together in a beautiful box set Phantom Stallion Box Set букхщ (Phantom Stallion).

Midnight Rider 2005 г 416 стр ISBN 0689870094 инфо 7158i.

Book Description It's 1775 and the American colonies are on the brink of revolution Boston is swarming with soldiers, spies, and secrets Tempers are flaring between the Whigs and the Tories Fourteen-year-аогхнold Hannah Andrews is thrown into the middleof it all when she is driven out of her home by her guardian aunt to work as an indentured servant in the Boston household of Thomas Gage, governor of the colonies and general of the British armies Soon after Hannah's arrivбажгчal, the stable boy, Caleb, befriends her and alerts her to the issues faced by Americans under British rule Hannah dreams of freedom and begins to sympathize with Americans who desire independence from Britain On the other hand, Hannah has deep respect for the Gage family and affection for her rebellious young mistress, Meg Hannah soon realizes that Meg is as trapped in her aristocratic life as Hannah is in her own bondage as a servant Hannah relies on her beloved horse, Promise,бнбзк to help her through the difficult times Disguised as a boy on her midnight rides with Promise, Hannah learns on which side her heart belongs Then, when Hannah overhears a British plot to march on her hometown, she and Promise risk their lives to carry the warning to the town of Salem Packed withfascinating historical details, real events, and memorable characters, Midnight Rider is historical fiction at its best--guaranteed to thrill Joan Hiatt Harlow's loyal fans as well as those lucky readers who are discovering her for the first time.

Dumpy and the Firefighters (Julie Andrews Collection) 2003 г 32 стр ISBN 0060526815 инфо 7159i.

Book Description It's New Year's Day in Apple Harbor, and all the villagers are celebrating at Farmer Barnes' annual Open House, including Charlie, Pop-Up, and Dumpy the Dump Truck But when the fire bell soаогхоunds, everyone's help is suddenly needed in town Discovering that Pharaoh's General Store is ablaze, the firefighters bravely work to fight the flames and save the village As always, Dumpy proves invaluable -- demonstrating that everyone has something to contribute.

Lady Ilena: Way of the Warrior 2005 г 208 стр ISBN 0385732252 инфо 7160i.

Book DescriptionLady Ilena still can’t believe she is hereditary chief of Dun Alyn, her new home in the North She eagerly awaits the return of her betrothed, Durant of Arthur’s table, and the time when Durantаогхр will rule beside her But Britain is in a state of unrest Despite Durant’s and Arthur’s efforts at unification, several neighboring fortresses have allied with Saxon invaders in the South These tribes want Dun Alyn, and one tribal leader called Faolan will stop at nбажгщothing to get it When Ilena refuses to accept Faolan’s marriage proposal in her loved one’s absence, she sets off a bloody battle–with grave results A warrior can commit no greater crime than to falter under attack, and now Ilena faces theultimate punishment: she must leave Dun Alyn, alone, and may not return to her people until she has proved herself worthy to be their leader The journey will take Ilena to old friends–and new ones–as she searches for Durant and for Britain’s proteбнбзпctor, the legendary Arthur.

Mocha, the Real Doctor 2004 г 32 стр ISBN 1931721300 инфо 7163i.

Book DescriptionDream! Let your imagination run wild with this book Mocha resides in Dr Susan's animal clinic and sleeps by day But Wait! When the staff goes home, it's time for Mocha to make her roundsaаогцгnd in Mocha's case the rounds are serious business as she calls on a variety of hurting animals that are left overnight to convalesce.

Firebears, the Rescue Team 2005 г 32 стр ISBN 0805070109 инфо 7168i.

Book Description DING-LING-LING! Through the hole Hurry, slip-slide down the pole! Who are the rescue heroes of Fire Station Number Eight? The Firebears! Sound the siren, grab the hoses, stretch those ladаогцеders Rescue! With Firebears on the job, no blaze is too big to brave-it's all in a day's work So put on your fire hat and come for a ride with the fearless rescue crew of Fire Station Number Eight.

Black Storm Comin' 2005 г 304 стр ISBN 0689871376 инфо 7170i.

Book Description WANTED YOUNG, SKINNY, WIRY FELLOWS NOT OVER EIGHTEEN MUST BE EXPERT RIDERS WILLING TO RISK DEATH DAILY ORPHANS PREFERRED When Colton Wescott sees this sign for the Pony Express, he thаогцжinks he has the solution to his problems He's stuck with his ma and two younger sisters on the wrong side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, with no way to get across They were on a wagon train heading to California when Pa accidentally shot Colton and then galloped awaбаждбy Ma is sick, and Colton needs money to pay the doctor He'd make good money as a Pony rider Colton also needs to get to California -- urgently -- to deliver freedom papers to Ma's sister, a runaway slave The Pony Express job couldget him there There's a catch, though Colton may look almost as white as his pa, but he knows from bitter experience what can happen when people find out Ma is black To be a Pony rider, he'll have to "pass" for white That scares him, and foбнбзрr good reason If his secret is discovered, he could hang Soon Colton is on the ride of his life, racing the dangerous route over the mountains He's riding for his family, for freedom, and maybe even to help keep a divided America together As the nation plunges toward civil war, Colton struggles to unite the two parts of his own identity in this gripping, atmospheric adventure.