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Galactic Crisis (Star Wars: DK Readers, Level 4) Издательство: DK Children, 2005 г Мягкая обложка, 48 стр ISBN 0756611636 инфо 1727i.

Galactic Crisis! is a primer for the history behind the conflicts in the Star Wars Series Автор Райдер Уиндхэм букфд Ryder Windham.

Стратегия и тактика управления коммерческой сделкой Подготовка, заключение, исполнение Издательство: Дело Твердый переплет, 536 стр ISBN 5-7749-0269-2 Тираж: 5000 экз Формат: 60x90/16 (~145х217 мм) инфо 1728i.

Эта книга для широкого круга читателей, занятых в сфере бизнеса и других областях, где существует возмездный обмен ресурсами На примере международной сделки купли-продажи автор показывает алгоритм принятия упаогжвравленческих решений в процессе подготовки, заключения и исполнения коммерческой сделки Сделка, будучи системой логически связанных самостоятельных элементов, представлена как базовый компонент любого бизнеса, направленного на извлечение прибыли Цель учебного пособиябаеыш - предложить инструмент для применения теоретических основ бизнес-дисциплин в практической деятельности, ускорить и облегчить обретение профессиональных навыков ведения дел Автор Игорь Ефимов.

Shelby and the Shifting Rings (Defender of Time) 2005 г 176 стр ISBN 0976201542 инфо 1733i.

Book DescriptionWhen orphaned Shelby Shodworth first arrived at Ms Peabonnet’s Academy for Girls, she knew it would be an adventure But she never bargained for a mysterious stranger, a magical sword, and a hаогждidden underground passage – all of which lead her to a curious star-shaped platform that has the power to send its passengers back through time In her search for answers, Shelby is thrust down a path paved with intrigue and danger As a growing web of questions continбаеыъues to spin its sticky trap, Shelby must persevere – even if it means risking all that she loves.

The Mysterious Collection of Dr David Harleyson 2004 г 32 стр ISBN 0802789161 инфо 1735i.

Book Description Beloved children’s characters come to life through a puzzle in paintings The eccentric traveler and world-renowned painter, Dr David Harleyson, has disappeared, and it is up to his yoаогжеungnephew to find him! By unraveling the clues on the backs of Dr David’s most recent paintings, his nephew is able to piece together his uncle’s incredible around-the-world journey What do the most popular creatures from Mother Goose, Grimm, and Aesop—immortalizedбаеы in Dr David’s breathtakingly lifelike portraits—have to do with his year-long adventure? Where has Dr David been, and what will become of him? The mystery awaits, and only by following the clues can you discover the tale behind the mysterious collection of Dr David Harleyson!.

Sonny's House of Spies (Richard Jackson Books (Atheneum Hardcover)) 2004 г 304 стр ISBN 0689851685 инфо 1743i.

Book Description Sonny is only one of the spies at the Bradshaw house in Mozier, Alabama But as a child he saw a tray full of dinner come flying across the front hall at his father His mother's aim was deaаогжжd on And Daddy's departure promptly followed Loretta, Sonny's older sister, spies by eavesdropping As she tells him, "How else am I going to survive in a family tight-lipped as tombs?" But the kids' spying only scratches the surface of what's really goinбаеыьg on in this 1950s family in the deep South While Deaton, the youngest, worries about pirates and vampires, and Uncle Marty, family protector, serves up scripture with every bite at the Circle of Life donut shop, somebody is watching Somebody unsuspected by Sonny But at thirteen he knows something's fishy, and he intends to find out what That's why one Friday after Uncle Marty pays him for dishwashing at the Circle of Life, he sneaks out of town, first by bike and then by bus Seбнбетlma, his mama; Mamby; Nissa; Uncle Sink; Aunt Roo; his sister and brother -- nobody from that all-too-serious but often hilarious crew has a clue where he's gone And even Sonny can't say exactly what he's after, until those tight-lipped tombs start talking, and life in the house on Rhubarb changes for good.

Mystery 2003 г 32 стр ISBN 0618272933 инфо 1747i.

Book DescriptionWhen a little piglet accompanies her grandpa to the museum on copying day, she soon discovers that something is amiss Large sections of the museum"s paintings have been cut out and forgerаогжкies sewn in their place Who would commit such a theft, and how could they have pulled it off? This little piglet is determined to find out As she searches for clues, beginning detectives can try their hand at a little sleuthing too! Looking closely to discover all thбаеыюat"s hidden among the delightful details in Arthur Geisert"s illustrations, keen observers may just find the key evidence they need to solve the mystery of the museum"s missing masterpieces.

Dark Hunters (Bionicle) Издательство: Scholastic, 2006 г Мягкая обложка, 128 стр ISBN 0439828031 инфо 1748i.

The Dark Hunters stand in direct opposition to the Toa But who are they? Where did they come from? And who - - or what -- motivates them? It's an inside look at the villains of the Bionicle world Иллюстрациаогжоя Автор Фиона Симпсон Fiona Simpson.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Издательство: Puffin, 2007 г Мягкая обложка, 176 стр ISBN 0142410314 инфо 1749i.

The gates of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory are opening at last and only five children will be allowed inside Reprint edition Автор Роальд Даль Roald Dahl Родился в городе Лландафф (Уэльс), училсяаогжт в пансионе для мальчиков, в университет поступать не стал и в 1933 году устроился на работу в компанию "Шелл" С 1937 по 1939 год жил и работал в Танганьике, с началом второй мировой войны записался в армию и .

The Wizard of Oz Серия: TOR Classic инфо 1752i.

- Автор Лаймен Фрэнк Баум Lyman Frank Baum Родился в городке Читтенанго, штат Нью-Йорк Работал в газете, был редактором коммерческого журнала В 1899 году выпустил свою первую книгу "Сказки дядюшки Гаогжуусака", а год спустя увидела свет знаменитая повесть "Волшебник из страны Оз" (известная в .